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Photography and Copyright: A Complete guide for photographers

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In this forthcoming Udemy course, you will learn:

  1.  What are the requirements for copyright protection?

  2. How does this protection arise?

  3. What are the economic and moral rights that every photographer has?

  4. What is the copyright duration?

  5. What is the fair use of photos? 

  6. What should a photographer bear in mind when taking pictures?

  7. And some aspects related to photo licensing, protection and enforcement of rights as well as many others.  







What makes me qualified to teach you?

Hi, Ventsi. I’ve been working in the field of intellectual property protection and management for more than 12 years. I’ve participated in many projects related to the use of copyrighted works including negotiating and preparing copyright agreements for photographs. 

In addition, I’m a University lecturer on managing intellectual property assets and a Udemy instructor with more than 16 000 students.

From that perspective, I’ve gained significant expertise in how to successfully deal with copyright law in order to make successful licensing deals between photographers, advertisement agencies, and corporate users.

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